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  • Variety

    100% CHARDONNAY. A highly reputed white grape variety originally from Burgundy. Today, it is the second most widely planted white grape variety in Argentina. It produces wines with astonishing aromatic complexity and richness.

  • Location

    The grapes are from two different areas of Mendoza. 30% come from the warm area and are harvested very ripe (14% potential alcohol) to obtain a wine that is full-bodied and rich in the mouth. The remaining 70% come from the vineyards located at the foot of the Andes where the climate is tempered by the very cool nights. They ripen at around 12.5% potential alcohol and have a higher level of acidity.

  • Tasting notes

    Deep yellow colour with green lights. Intense nose with dominance of tropical fruits combined with fresher citrus notes. Its time in barrel gives it a touch of vanilla and some toasted notes which adds to its aromatic complexity. On the palate the wine
    is rounded and fullbodied and has a long finish. It has a good balance between ripe
    fruit and fresh acidity. The toasted notes complement well fruity notes typical of
    this grape variety.

  • The Vintage

    After a dry Winter, we were surprised by an early Spring arrival. However, the cool temperatures came back by the end of January, which allowed to slow down the cycle and to balance the maturation process. We began harvesting the Pinot Gris unusually early, as mid-February. The white grapes were picked early in the season to keep the natural acidity and preserve the aromatic freshness.

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